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Just got back from the bike shop and I was told my problem was the Shift Control Motor and the EMC. The total cost for the two parts is $961.27(cdn). I've been checking out for some different places to buy the parts and two places that I have found are Bike Bandit and Mr. Cycle. The prices are a lot cheaper but what I was wondering was has anyone out there done business with these guys? If you have any input positive or negitive please send it my way.
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I bought an alarm for my 06 rubi from bike bandit. They were great. I dint like the alarm they sent me so I emailed them. They emailed me right back and said they would refund my money or send another one they suggested. I took the one they suggested and it works great. I would definately buy from them again. I also bought an armored cable from the to lock my quad up. Just my 2 cents.
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