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code 11 question

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I have an 05 500 rubicon. I have a code 11 error which is the control motor driver circuit malfunction. Upon digging deeper into the problem, I checked the fuses and the 30 amp fuse for the tansmission control motor had blown. When replaced everything worked fine. Does anyone have any idea what may have caused this and what can be done to prevent this from happening again. Should I be concerned or is it just "one of those things"
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just let it go. i had it happen on are old 06 rub
it should be fine, the fuse blown because there was too much current going through the line. it blew so it wouldnt hurt the control motor. if it keeps on happing report back and i might be able to help you.
went for a little ride and the fuse blew again (happened when a top speed) obviously something is going on. Any ideas, maybe a dead ground or something along that line
There are about 2700km (1700 miles) on the unit. Just one more thing. while driving first a got a code 5 (angle sensor) then when I shut the bike down and restarted code 11 came up, then I checked the fuse and it was blown. If it is the ECM would that cause the code 5 to show also?
the ecm can i think hold up to two codes, the first code might be five and the second might be 11. maby you can check that out and see if they are both there or not. you are getting too much current through the line, im not real sure why though. will it still shift in esp?
I would clean the shift control motor then re-initialize the ECM and try it again ... While the shift control motor is off you should turn the idler gear that the control motor turns this will make sure the swash plates are moving free..
stupid question, honda mechanic when you say clean the control motor, do you mean the wiring harness and the control motor shaft, might this also cause the angle sensor error or is that another problem? To re-initalize the book say put sub tansmission into neutral, how do you do that and do you have to erase the previous error codes before re-initalizing
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