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I hate to ask for help but man this thing has got me stumped..
08 TRX500FGA
2500 miles

I got a super good deal on it, can make profit parting out if needed but would really like to take my wife out riding again, thought this would be a good fixer upper.
Code 11
I went through the procedure outlined in the service manual and it just loops me back to code 11. No code 10 for bad ecm.
The control motor had a burnt winding and fuse blown. Replaced both. The reduction gear was seized, freed up with screwdriver. Turned it to about 2nd gear position. Drove around the yard. That did change the gear ratio. Mechanically it seems fine?
I cleaned all the connectors and dia. greased them.
Angle sensor is within spec. ECM is getting good voltage and ground far as I can tell. Wondering how many ohms I can consider safe for continuity?.
The battery is new and on a maintenance charger.

So every time I try the initial setting after erasing the codes it just flashes in mode 2. One time today I was able to put it in drive while N was flashing and it turned to D, drove a bit but it wouldn't shift. Then code 11 starts flashing again. Never do I hear the control motor cycle while on the atv. I pulled/tested it with 12v, its new and does work.

Now I know why my friends family stays away from these non foot shift models! Man..

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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