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Code 11 Control Motor

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Hello everyone, I'm hoping I can get a little guidance on an issue I've been having with my 06 Rubicon. I've been getting an intermittent code 11 and the bike goes into limp mode. When I first got the code, I checked all the connections and found the big tan two wire connector going to the control motor was loose. I fixed it, initialized the ecm and I thought the problem was solved. Now I get the code fairly often and it's always at the worst possible time (ie 75 miles from camp) sometimes it will fix itself after a few on/off cycles, but I can't rely on it. Also, when I try to initialize the ecm, the control motor won't cycle, and I can't finish the process. My bike has 700 miles on it and is extremely well maintained. Anybody have any insight? how do I isolate the control motor to see if it is indeed faulty? Thanks for any input or experience you guys may have.
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First the shift control motor should be dis-assembled and cleaned , initialized and then the bike tested ...
Thanks for the quick reply HondaMechanic, That makes sense especially since she's seen a fair amount of mud and water. I'll try it out.
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