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Hello just wanted to stop say high. I just became a member to this forum. I just bought my for foreman last Friday and yesterday I was riding for about 2 hours I was about an hour from home and it started to rain so I headed back home on the way home u can take two slightly different ways one goes up and over a huge hill and then back down but it's all rock and on the way down your driving on the side a of a cliff so I wasn't comfortable driving there in the rain i have itp mud lite tires (stock size) and find them kinda slippery on wet rock but besides that i love them. any how i took the other way and it involves driving threw the side of lake for about 500 feet it's only about 18 inches deep. but about 10-15 min later i got hung up on some ruts and tried take off in second which it normally has no problems doing. and the machine kinda wanted to go and felt like I was spinning in 4by but I looked down and not a tire was turning should I be looking into replacing my clutch??? I shifted into first and it took off fine. Could this have happened because it got wet from being in the water. Thanks for any help

Ps. how deep of water can I go threw without damaging anything?, should I do anything before I do more water running like raising breather lines?
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I do not know what caused your Foreman to stop turning the wheels. However, I can tell you how deep I am willing to put my Foreman in water. I run mine at water levels up to and level with the tops of the fenders. I have had absolutely zero problems. I will not intentionally take it any deeper for fear of drowning it out. The intake and vents are still located in the factory position. I do plan on snorkling it and moving the vents some time in the near future.
****, that's a long sentence. i read it 3 times and still don't know what you're asking.
Cool, thanks it's also a manual gear box
Nobody have any thought on this?, i got stopped tried to take off in second, seemed like it was spinning the tires but nothing happened, is my clutch bad?? or could it just have been slipping from driving threw the water?
When the engine was "spinning" and not the tires, were the rpms building higher or did they get to a certain level and then stay around the same??

I have seen some situations in real thick mud where you could not build enough rpms to turn the tires, this is one reason for the clutch kits, it will let the engine spin up higher into a stronger torque area before the clutch engages and therefore gives you more power to the wheels to get them moving.

BTW, did you try in in 1st?. I have also found putting it in reverse will get you moving again as it is much lower geared than even 1st is.
yah the rpms were climbing up and it didnt want to move the engine did have a load on it but no tires were turning
QUOTE ("98greensi":31uka7zy)
yah the rpms were climbing up and it didnt want to move the engine did have a load on it but no tires were turning
Next time try 1st or reverse. It really sounds like your tires were so bogged down or caught on something that the engine wouldn't spin them in the particular gear and/or rpms you were at.

You can try this quick test. Take off in 1st , nail it wide open and wind it all the way out and bang 2nd gear.. it should shift hard and pick up the front wheels off the ground. If it doesn't shift hard and your rpms spin up and drop back down as the clutch catches it is likely you may have a worn clutch.
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