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I Have a 06 foreman with a slipping clutch and wanted to buy an aftermarket clutch. I Want a heavy duty clutch but can,t locate one. Any Ideas on where to find one . Or does a stock Clutch work good with a clutch kit??????
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a clutch kit is good for turning bigger tires but unless you have a tool and some mechanical ability expect to pay a couple of hundred to get it put in. which is why mine is waiting to be put in due to insufficient funds.
These auto clutches are not like manual clutches in sport quads or street bikes. I have not seen any made from the after market. A clutch kit will only help turn the tires from a start, like a stall converter in a drag car. It allows the motor to be in a better powerband, before it allows the tires to turn. Once the tires are turning there is no difference over stock.
the clutch kit is very easy to install no need to pay hundreds, if you were close to me id put it in for the fun of it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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