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Clutch/Trans WTF?

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Had my first service today. When I got home and started 'er up I drove it off the truck and put it in neutral and to my surprise I heard a horrible sound from the trans like a "vvvrrrrrrrrrrr". It was like something was spinning very fast and after about 7 seconds it got less and less and stopped. I turned it off for a few minutes and turned the key, The friggin bike started just from turning the key to "ON" position(IT WAS IN NEUTRAL). I took it on a 3 mile ride and that vrrrr sound would keep happening when i would put it in neutral. Eventurally it started doing it less and less and now its completley gone. That only happened in neutral. It was like it was slipping or something and then fixed it self. The bike ran and runs great, and the sound is now completely gone. What caused that to happen?? SORRY FOR THE LONG POST AND THANKS ANY HELP
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Sounds like the starter might be stuck on. When it started just by turning the key on did you press the "starter" button? The VRRRRRRRRR sound you hear may be the starter turning. Just a thought from the info you provided.
Thats what it sounds like to me too. If it happens again see if it will happen when you hold the brake in while your in first or second gear.
the starter would be my gess too, if it does it again i would try to fix it because the starter will burn up.
Not only that but the bendix gear could easily strip.
No, I wasn't touching the starter button at all. It only did that once. Every gear is fine, but when I down shifted to Neutral it sounded like something was spinning and then would spin slower and slower and then stop. In no other gear would it do this. When it would make that noise I would upshift to 1st(or any other gear) and the noise would stop, back down to neutral and there it was again. I just put 7 more miles on and It has not made that sound in neutral anymore. It is like it just went away on its own.
i would say starter to because the starter will only work in nutral unless you pull the front brake then it will work in any gear. its kind of wiord that it stoped though
it might not start
Well it started. I took a 2 hour ride today and it started and worked great. I guess some gritty stuff must have been in between the button. Not really sure though. Very strange. I wonder if anything will wear out prematurely, like the bendix?
mine did the same thing after I fliped over in the water the butten got wet and kept engaging took apart and dryed out no more problem.
flipped mine over in the creek not to long a ago. changed the oil twice and have had no problems.
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