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clutch sounds like it spining when engine is off??????

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Have a friend with a 04 foreman and for some reason when you turn the bike off you hear a spiining sound, where the clutch is. I don't get it. I put a highlifter clutch springs in it and the clutch works great. Just when you shut it off it sounds like a turbo is spining down.
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the oneway bearing in the centrif clutch is bad, it will need to be changed.
yes the bearing is bad, it is called both a one way bearing and a sprag bearing. you might need to know the fancyer name when ordering.
thanks for you help guys i will get that changed this week.
my sprag bearing is out to, but if you cut the bike off in gear it cant keep turning, im just gonna let mine stay like it is

if you do leave it in neutral what will eventually wear out, i dont see what it hurts
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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