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Clutch slipping???

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I rode some trails for a good 4 hours or so this past Sunday and towards the end of the ride I noticed my clutch was slipping bad in first gear. Particularly when under load like when I drove through water holes. Basically I could hear it clicking louder and louder until finally I hear a loud snap sound and the bike when into nuetral but the nuetral light didn't come on. I though I lost first gear but I shifted back up and it started moving again.

Also, earlier in the day when under heavy load (mainly when in the water) it would click like it shifted into second and then pop back into nuetral. It's hard to explain but basically it didn't like holding gears and got so bad on the ride back that I used second gear the whole time. Even then I could hear the disc vibrating.

Any ideas? I use Rotella 15W-40 Diesel Oil (and have for years) with no problems. I know there was recall work done on the clutch a while ago but I'm not sure if they really did any of the work.
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Sounds like a first gear problem
Even in the other gears I can hear the clutch discs vibrating though?
The clicking noise and vivration sounds more like broken teeth on gears to me.
Sounds like a job for....................HondaMechanic
How long ago (or miles ago) was the clutch drive plate update done ..
Probably a year ago I'm guessing. It was a while ago.

The bike ran fine all day, and then about midway it would keep popping out of first into nuetral when I went in the water and then at the end of the day it would slip until it finally fell into nuetral but the light did not com on.

I'm very curious to know if that Honda Dealership actually did any of the work because the very next day I got it back I had the same symtoms as when I brought it in. I guess I should've said something.
EDIT: I just got off the phone with the local Honda place in Ft. Pierce and the master tech said with the way I described it and the fact I had just broke an output shaft not to long ago, it was most likely a bent shift force or better yet, stripped gears, mainly first right now.

He said worst case he would charge around $250 or in labor to replace the gears and do all the good stuff. Parts are on top of that cost.
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