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clutch remover /puller for foreman (to barrow)

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is their a DIY tool to take off the primary clutch other than honda's $105 tool .? or can someone mail me one to barrow (i'll pay shipping of coarse)? i'll trade for cheap honda parts order(at cost) or any atv parts order, and ship both back.
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I use a regular 3 jaw puller, I install a big hose clamp around the end to keep is from slipping off. It doesnt take much force to get it off.
THANKS ill try that.
dude do work at f'ing NASA , i put 4 hose clamps together linked end to end on the outside of my 3-jaw puller to hold them from slipping off and BAM it s off . thanks 100%
do you think a ratchet strap would keep the puller from big of a puller did you use, i seen some at pepboys/advance auto parts, they are diffrent sizes. i am about to do my clutch also. i dont want to wait for this special tool to the money for it is rediculous.
i used ss hose clamps its alot tighter then a racher strap is and it came off nice
Good deal, glad it work for u.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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