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clutch removal

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I have a problem with my bike and the dealer says it is the clutch but cant touch the bike for a while . I was woundering if anyone has changed the clutch before . I have the cover off the clutch appears to be in good shape but the basket has grooves in it . i am not sure how to get the nut off to remove the clutch and basket. Is there a special tool to get the nut off. I noticed there is a groove in the shaft with a part of the nut punched into the shaft .how does that come out
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using a impact will take the nut right off. but a puller will be needed to get the centrif. clutch out.
I have tryed that the nut has a spot on it that is punched into the shaft and it seems like the nut doesn't want to move
are you saying that the impact wouldn't take it off. the punch marks is just a set mark to keep the nut from backing off. I have always used an impact and never had any problems getting them off. Trying to remove it with a wrench will be hard to get it off.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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