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QUOTE ("downndirty":1s1w963n)
Where did yall here about the clutch recall trying to find out if my bike is one of the recalled already orderedmy clutch kit it would work out perfectly if mine is recalled.
A simple phone call to any Honda dealer will tell you if your machine qualifies for the update. Remember this is NOT a recall, it is a product update. There is a difference between the two, but both are done at no cost to the customer.

Here's a list of affected machines:

2005 TRX500FE
1HFTE317*54000001 thru 012366
2006 TRX500FE
1HFTE317*64100001 thru 102879
2005 TRX500FM
1HFTE310*54000001 thru 011415
2006 TRX500FM
1HFTE310*64100001 thru 102051
2005 TRX500TM
1HFTE314*54000001 thru 010932
2006 TRX500TM
1HFTE314*64100001 thru 101039

(*) denotes check digit, will vary from VIN to VIN
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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