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Clutch recall

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Heys guys
just got a letter from honda.

2005-2006 trx500fe/fm/tm
clutch drive plate recall. drive plate was not made to hondas specs
the dealer will replace the clutch drive plate. recall ends 9/22/2008

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Got my notice today. I think I might wait awhile to have it taken care of. I wish my dealer would just give me the tie rods and clutch plate, I would take care of it myself.
I haven't got about the tie rods. just the clutch
i had the tie rod done a while ago havent gotten anything bout clutch plate though
had my tie rod done......just got my clutch recall notice in the mail yesterday. what a pain in the arse

going to call and see if they will install a clutch kit at the same time
hey deadmullet let me know if they will install the clutch kit for you, i was wondering the samething.
no problem
they told me they would do mine would just have to pay for what ever extra time it would take. What the they say the recall was for????
Clutch plate.
Well want to here something not funny i took my foreman to get the recall done wed. and the call me today and say they cant do it i have to have it done were i purchased it. They said the parts they have are for the they sold.
thats not right i called a dealer, not the one i bought mine from and he said bring it in, i told him i didn't buy it there he said he don't care as long as i get it fixed by a honda dealer.
That aint right, they would suck if it was I purchased mine in Tenn. I think that I would be talking to someone a little hihgher up in that dealership.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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