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clutch recal question ??

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should the clutch recal be done sooner or later. i am thinking of doing it later. any pros or cons. please tell me what you think.
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For what its worth I did mine almost a year after the recall. You are better off doing it sooner than later though.
The update is for the centrifugal clutch drive plate .. It's possible that the clutch drive plate could wear ..We've had several now that were worn badly enough that you didn't need a puller to pull the centrifugal clutch ,all the bikes needed the clutch drive plate & new crankshafts & gaskets ..

I'd get it done sooner if it were mine ..
that 's what happen to mine ^^^^^ been in the shop for 3 weeks now that means no ridy ridy for a long time
whats the recall for, what year.i m having a clutch problem to ,is it for a 2002 rubicon 500
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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