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clutch puller !!

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hi does anyone know where i can get a cheap aftermarket clutch puller for a 2000 honda recon . im havin problems finding one and honda wants an arm and a leg for it !! anyone who can help me i would be grateful .
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you can use a 3 jaw puller to pull it off I think I used a 6 inch puller to get mine off
If you are just putting a clutch kit in i found it easier not to take it off. I just to a c-clamp to press those plates down and take those e-clips off, then i just used needle nose pliers to take the springs out. And I just put the new springs in.
clutch puller

the clutch discs will have to be replaced . anyone know of a tool i can buy for the recon for cheap ...

can you send me some pics of the puller you used to get the assembly off . thanks ....
Here are pics of Dirty4mans improvised clutch puller, and the Honda Clutch puller.
I am working on the variator clutch and flywheel i have my flywheel jaw puller coming but I need a clutch puller for 1978 honda hobbit been searching for days.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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