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Clutch Problems???

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I have a situation with my 2006 foreman 500FM. After a complete rebuild I cranked it up and it ran smoothly. When I tried shifting it the shifter felt like it is engaging but the bike is not moving. There are several things I am kicking around about this problem.

1. I did use a 0-W30 oil (unknowingly). Will the use of the wrong oil cause the centrifugal clutch not to engage?
I ask this because the manual states the the clutch (once remove) should move counterclockwise but not clockwise. My clutch will move either way but if some pressure is applied it will grab clockwise.

2. The washer between the crank and housing bearing was left out. I don’t know if the lack of tolerance from the trust washer would cause the clutch not to grab?

3. I used Permeatex gasket maker instead of a paper gasket. Will this cause the clutch not engage due to pressure? I know that the tolerance of the gasket is important in some aspects of the rebuild.

I have the front cover removed now and as I shift and spin the back wheels I can feel the shifter engaging tightly in first gear then looser as I go through the higher gears. I did pull the primary and secondary clutches apart. The secondary clutch is in spec and all discs are line up in the basket. The primary clutch is in spec as well. Sorry for the long post. I wanted to be thorough Any help would be appreciated. I’m an engine guy not a clutch or trans guy.
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