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Clutch Problems NEED HELP!

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i just installed a high lifter clutch kit on my rubi. when it was stock it was ok but now that i put the new springs in the clutch it is always ingaged. like when i start it in N and shift into D it just jumps and stalls out, when i put in in R it just starts to move backwards without me touching the throttle. when it started to do this i took it all aprt again but everything was in right according to the service manual and high lifters instructions. But it doesnt do it all the time just part of the time. the rest of the time it is awsome. if anyone has any ideas or has had this happen to them please let me know what is wrong with this money pit
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my gess that the one way clutch bearing(or sprag clutch bearing) is in backwards. just look it up in your service manual and it will show you what it is, it is very easy to put it upside down. i dont know why it is not doing it all the time but that would be my gess.
i made sure that it had the ouside mark facin out but for some odd reason i thought i remembered it being the other way when i took it apart because when i took it out i layed it down the way it was then when i put it back in i had to flip it over so i guess ill take it apart again and put it in the other way alot guys ill let u know if it works. and do u think that i could have done any major damage to it or should it be ok?
it should be fine, just dont ride it that way.
that was it. thanks alot guys, but the only weird thing is that the marking on it that says outside was facing out originally but when i turned so that the ouside mark was facing in it is working how its supposed to. why do you think that is. all the manuals say to have it facing out but this one has to be facing in.
maby it was printed wrong when it was made? i dont really know but atleast its running good now, them clutch kits really wake 4wheelers up.
Did it drop and come apart .. If the sprags come out from under the spring they could have been put back in the wrong direction ..
i didnt drop it but i guess it could have been dropped at the factory or something. any way thanx for the help guys.
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