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clutch problem or transmission? AH!!

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i just got home from my dads. we were trying to take off my rear drum (long story). but anyway i was riding around my 05 foreman s and noticed that when you are in neutral and pull the shifter up all the way and hold it, without giving it gas it would start to go... before, it was just sit there and you could rev it up and stuff like it is in neutral until to let the shifter go down...and then it would catch first... i heard of guys
popping their clutch to do wheelies like that but i haven't done that at all...

i tried it for 20 mins to see what was going on and then all of a sudden it starting working fine like before...

anyone got any ideas on what the deal is?

also, ( i know im a pain)... my dad stripped the threads off the wheel lug...can't you just buy a new lug and pop out the old and in with the new???
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The manual clutch discs & plates was stuck ,if you hold up (or down) on the shifter while holding the brakes on then hit the throttle a few times they will break free.. Altho they usually just stick after sitting a few days ..

Several of the new Honda TRX's don't have a listing for wheel studs (Honda wants you to buy a new hub) but the studs from older TRX's are the same (there are a couple of different lengths) ,just pop the old stud out and replace it with a new one ..
dude you rock

man you rock.

thanks alot...i will try to make it to the honda place tuesday and get that. hopefully they have the one i need. they always have to order stuff when i need it.

anyway, thanks.....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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