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Clutch Plate Recall Make A Difference For You?

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Just recently got mine back from the shop. After replacing the clutch plate mine seems to shift a little smoother. Anyone else vouch for this as well?
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They probably just adjusted the clutch, to get it to shift smoother. The recalled item won't really effect shift quality.
Maybe I will just get it done in Dec. or sometime before the exp. date witch is 9-22-2008. So I have time to do it!
I haven't noticed any difference in mine.
Mine shifted the same. Smooth as ever. I finnaly got all my recalls done.
Hmm maybe I'll get mine in before the end of the year....
strange about the shifting. since i got my new foreman in july, it always was a little stubborn from neutral. whether going to first or reverse, i had to kick it a little harder. all the other gears shifted fine. figured it was new shifting dogs that had a rough spot. well i just got my foreman back from the shop today from having the clutch plate replaced and now it shifts smooth as apple butter. by the way, i found one of the outer case bolts laying on the skid plate when i got home. important tip, always check the dealers work.
Shooterman sounds like your clutch may not have been adjusted properly before you took it in. I always check my dealers work.
what exact part are they talkin about? i just put my clutchkit in lastnight...and why do they have a recall on that part??
I just got the recall for the clucth plate for my 05 Foreman 500 a few weeks ago myself. I too have had problems with the shifter being hard to shift sometime but have the most problems with it shifting into 3rd gear, I have to reach down and shift it with my hand the first time I shift into 3rd when I first start riding it. Is that the clutch itself needing adjusted or is it something with the cluthc reacall. Any help would be great, thanks for your time.
the recalled part is the plate that holds the weights for the centrifical clutch. the part will have no effect whatsoever on the way the machine shifts. Truegit was right, the clutch was probably adjusted when the recall was done. I adjust the clutch on all the ones i do the recall on. Its easy to get at when doing the recall and only takes literally 10 seconds.
if you buy a 06 500 foreman after the recall comes out will it be fixed already. because i never got any kind of papers on it.
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