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Clutch plate recall Canada

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Just got my letter from Honda Canada that my Foreman need to change
the Clutch plate !!!

We also have till 2008 to do the recall!!

We are three friend that bought Foreman at the same place at same time and got the letter in the same week also!!

Called dealer, but did not got parts yet!

I will wait till winter is over, cause need to plow with my atv.

They said that the manufacturer of the clutch plate did not qualified for the recommend Honda parts.

I do not like to bring my baby to the dealer, always afraid that they wont do a good job!

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don't confuse a recall w/ a product update. a safety recall is to replace a part that if bad, could put the rider in danger of crashing and possibly being injured or killed in worse case. a recall will never expire, you could have it done 10 years from now if you wish.

the clutch plate update is a product update. a product update is to replace a part that if not replaced can wear prematurely and fail with no danger to the rider. you have a time frame, usually around 2 years, to get the part replaced at no cost. if not done before the expiration date, the repair is paid for by the customer.
a mechanics license? they have license for everything but having kids, which wouldn't be a bad idea in a lot of cases. but this is a forum for atvs not dead beat parents.

you don't need certification to do warranty or recall jobs, or any jobs for that matter. all the shops i've worked at (4 total), 90% of the techs have been to Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. the ones w/out schooling are sweeping the floor and taking out the garbage, not working on your machines. even though you don't need to be certified, the tech working on your atv will have schooling and know's what he's doing. yes there are idiots out there also, but they don't last long at any dealership.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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