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QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":12shak69)
By some of the stories I hear on the ATV forums I'd say there's a lot working at dealerships without much schooling of any kind..
I'll agree with that, you guy's seem to be all the ball though. IMO The dealerships dictate the professionalism in the employees. It seems up there you guys diagnose a problem and fix it. Down here they seem to let the ATVs sit hoping the "reapir fairy" will fix it or just keep swaping parts until something works.

The best thing I like to hear is when the techs forget to tighten bolts after extensive/expensive repairs and it it creates even more damage (Dano and Robb, at least Robb noticed his when B4 riding, clutch cover bolts loose. Dano had to have his motor rebuilt after he rode it the first time after he got his bike back from the dealership. (Water got past a loose fittings andd into the motor)
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