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Clutch plate recall Canada

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Just got my letter from Honda Canada that my Foreman need to change
the Clutch plate !!!

We also have till 2008 to do the recall!!

We are three friend that bought Foreman at the same place at same time and got the letter in the same week also!!

Called dealer, but did not got parts yet!

I will wait till winter is over, cause need to plow with my atv.

They said that the manufacturer of the clutch plate did not qualified for the recommend Honda parts.

I do not like to bring my baby to the dealer, always afraid that they wont do a good job!

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What does that mean "They said that the manufacturer of the clutch plate did not qualified for the recommend Honda parts" ..?

We've installed at least a couple of dozen TRX500 clutch re-calls ..
I mean that on my sheet, it says that the part was recalled because it did not meet specs of Honda.

don't confuse a recall w/ a product update. a safety recall is to replace a part that if bad, could put the rider in danger of crashing and possibly being injured or killed in worse case. a recall will never expire, you could have it done 10 years from now if you wish.

the clutch plate update is a product update. a product update is to replace a part that if not replaced can wear prematurely and fail with no danger to the rider. you have a time frame, usually around 2 years, to get the part replaced at no cost. if not done before the expiration date, the repair is paid for by the customer.
Sorry honda_brp_tech

But the letter I have received was written RECALL,

that is why I have said recall and that is why I wrote those term.

But like you said It did not said safety recall!

This is a "product update campaign" not a "safety recall"... This is the Canadian models & serial numbers it covers ..

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You may not have received a letter yet if you haven't had your bike long ..
is your bike in this serial number range ..?..

TRX500TM Foreman
1HFTE314*54000012 through 1HFTE314*54002112

TRX500FM Foreman 4x4
1HFTE310*54000015 through 1HFTE310*54002715

TRX500FE Foreman 4x4 ES
1HFTE317*54000026 through 1HFTE317*54003486
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Just got my PUD letter 2 days ago so into the shop she goes well before spring arrives. Hey Duckyxpress Why not trust the dealer , as I work for one as an Honda Auto Tech i`m just curious. Part of our dealerships EXPRESS program (Exceeding cust expectations for life)is to find out why people don`t like dealerships and we have gotten alot of customers back by proving that were just as good as everyone else and in some cases better . Hey Honda Mech , I have the S/M for my bike and the procedure to change the drive plate looks interesting . Is it a big job or gravy for you guys?? Maby a new post for " Do you like dealerships in general or not"
It's not a bad job .. On the TRX500's the front drive shaft doesn't have to be removed so that makes it faster .. I just remove the inner frnders , floorboards , bottoms of the front fenders .. remove the fan/oil cooler .. That's all the body parts.. then it's just the case bolts pop the cover .. (An ES is a little longer ) .. The complete job takes between 1 - 1 1/2 hours ..

I started 1 yesterday that the centrifugal clutch wasn't tight on and would pull off without a puller so Honda wants a new crankshaft installed in that bike ..That's the third one the centrifugal clutch wasn't tight on..
Hey ClassA64

For the trust in the dealer, it is just that I am probably really pecky!!

And also I am always worry that with some reason they will do it too fast?

In my region the really good Honda Mechanic are pretty rare.

I will ask to talk with the mechanic that will do the job on my Foreman,
and probably ask the manager if there mechanic needs certification Honda to do the job.

Question for Honda_Mechanic, do you need certification to do work on recall or jobs warranty on Honda?

I am probably just too worry about someone else working on the heart
of my baby!!!

Will probably wait till they have practice on a couples ones before I bring it in!!

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I understand how you feel , Many times i`ve fixed my own Honda under warranty and could not stand it if i had to have someone else work on it.I am the same with the bike . Looks like we all have till 2008 anyway so the bike techs will get some good practice fixing them. If it helps when you drop your bike off go over the repair with them before and after the repair is done , It`s work for some of my customers . Thanks for the reply.
Some provinces you need a mechanics license some you don't, I don't know about the US... We go to a Honda service school twice a year on ATV's plus schools on Honda outboards & power products ..
a mechanics license? they have license for everything but having kids, which wouldn't be a bad idea in a lot of cases. but this is a forum for atvs not dead beat parents.

you don't need certification to do warranty or recall jobs, or any jobs for that matter. all the shops i've worked at (4 total), 90% of the techs have been to Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. the ones w/out schooling are sweeping the floor and taking out the garbage, not working on your machines. even though you don't need to be certified, the tech working on your atv will have schooling and know's what he's doing. yes there are idiots out there also, but they don't last long at any dealership.
LOL .. I remember back a number of years we had a guy working for us that went to MMI in Florida ,all he talked was Harley ..I wouldn't let him change my spark plug ..

By some of the stories I hear on the ATV forums I'd say there's a lot working at dealerships without much schooling of any kind..
QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":12shak69)
By some of the stories I hear on the ATV forums I'd say there's a lot working at dealerships without much schooling of any kind..
I'll agree with that, you guy's seem to be all the ball though. IMO The dealerships dictate the professionalism in the employees. It seems up there you guys diagnose a problem and fix it. Down here they seem to let the ATVs sit hoping the "reapir fairy" will fix it or just keep swaping parts until something works.

The best thing I like to hear is when the techs forget to tighten bolts after extensive/expensive repairs and it it creates even more damage (Dano and Robb, at least Robb noticed his when B4 riding, clutch cover bolts loose. Dano had to have his motor rebuilt after he rode it the first time after he got his bike back from the dealership. (Water got past a loose fittings andd into the motor)

Just to let you all know I talked to a buddy of mine from Honda Canada,he said the milling was out on some of the clutch parts and should get the update done as soon as possible because it may affect other parts in the future from wearing out prematurely.I grilled him a bit more and he talked about a noise that happens on some units at idle that sounds like a knock ,he said it's because the the the clutch assembly is not with in the right clearances it is to tight causing the assembly to loosen off witch can cause the crank to need replacing,he could be feeding me a line of B S but it make scence to me .I would like to be there when mine gets done to see the truth ,maybe it's the truth but who can you trust to tell the whole truth
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