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Clutch kits ????

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Ok fellow Foreman owners,
I am looking for a good clutch kit for my 06 Foreman 500. I have installed an AP bash and skid plate with the warn 3000lbs winch and I have added a 2 in lift but it wasn't enough so I have bought a set of 27s to put on it. I really think that I should do the clutch kit before I ride too much because I don't want to get stranded out in the woods. Need to know what ur opions of the different kits are.

Thanks for some help..
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If i were you i wouldnt worry about it. Its a pain to install and it didnt help to much with my 28s, but it does help to get them spinnin in sloppy thick mud riding. Go for a pipe and jet kit first!
Its not that bad to install. But it only helps turn the tires from a stop. EPI makes the only one I know of, (Its only 5 little springs) Places like HL just resell them.
i rejetted and put a hmf pipe on mine and it spins the **** out of my 27's (swamplites) i dont think you need a clutch kit

i noticed your from hinesville....i'm in the statesboro/brooklet area.....we ride pretty often so if you wanna get up with us sometime let me know
i had the epi one on my rubicon with 27s and i thought it made a world of a difference but i gess it might not be the same with different riding styles.
the rubicon has a different clutch too though
yea that is true, just a little brain fart
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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