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Clutch kits, who all makes them, and how hard to install?

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I need info on a clutch kit for my 450. Are any special tools required for the job? How long would it take a first timer to this? With the kit on with the new gasket, would this be the best kit to get? Do the kits come with very detailed instructions and pictures? I really want to perform this mod to mine to help turn bi/tri claws. I need any info i can get, i have never worked on my atv tranny, and dont want it to screw up. im told it is not that hard, but need opinions, thanks so much you guys are very helpful, and all of you have a foreman so you know what you are talking about, thanks again
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Truegrit did a clutch kit install on his 500 and posted it in the "how to" section it has pictures and a good discription of what you need to do
EPI makes the springs. You can buy them from EPI directly or get the kit from HL. Makes sure you get a new front cover gasket.
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