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clutch kit

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i have 27" wheels and a 2" lift kit on my 07 ruby. I can tell that i have lost some power. i called freewheeling honda and they say that there are 2 clutches for the ruby. where do i find the kit(s). Anybody have info?????
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EPI Clutch kit is what you need. They can be found at or on ebay. They work great
Dp they have for them for 07 ruby? Will 06 model work as well?
the clutch kit will work for all rubicon years.
the only clutch kit I could find was an epi economy kit, Is that the one your talking about?
thats the one your looking for for everyday riding
will that give me the extra needed grunt to help spin 28 mud lites?
correct me if i'm wrong but i think the highlifter kits are EPI kits...EPI makes the kits with highlifter and that is why you see some called like Highlifter Outlaw Clutch kit or whatever else
Yup your right. That is what you need to spin 28's. Prob want a pipe and jets too.
Thanks guys I'm going to order one right away, Are they hard to install? any special tools needed?
It's not to tough of a job but i would get a service manual first if you don't have one. And yes you will need to buy a clutch puller from Honda.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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