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Clutch Kit

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I just installed a clutch kit and it is great!!!!!!!! How much difference will jetting the carb and exhaust make? Will it be as good as the clutch kit??
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you will notice some more power with the jet kit and exhaust but the results will not be as much as the clutch kit, but it will help.

how hard was it to put clutch kit in and witch kit do you get
I used the outlaw super-duty clutch kit from highlifter. I only have stock tires now but it is great.
The install was a pain ( to much plastic to remove) I am not much of a mechanic. I went by the how to and I did not remove the clutch I change the springs with it still on the bike. You will need to rasie the bike on it end to place the clutch adjuster in place when reinstalling the cover.
I was told that there were no clutch kits for Honda foreman. Where did you get yours?
Highlifter sales the Outlaw Clutch kit which is made for them by EPI.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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