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clutch kit?

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what gains would i get from a epi clutch,my foreman is jetted and filtered ,just more turning power for if i wanted to put bigger tires on?
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A clutch kit does not add new power to a bike, A clutch simply allows for the drivetrain/transmission, to engage at a higher RPM, I think something like 500-600 rpm higher. This then allows your atv to be at a higher RPM band when the drivetrain/transmission engages. WHich allows you to get bigger tires to turn easier from a dead stop.

A clutch kit does not give anymore power than the bike already has!

hope this helps
Well said!
It works kinda like a stall converter then?
yeah exactly, it actually does stall a bit before the clutch lets the power to the wheels. Its a strange feeling at first.
I know I only have 26's but would it be over kill to get one?
I don't think so. I think it's a good mod for when you have to spin your tires in the mud
I think I will add this mod to my list!
Yes i see that in my future
yes, i only have 26's as well, The clutch kit adds to the fun factor, and for me made it possible to wheelie again. However i will give you some advice for installing the clutch kit. That is if you plan to do it yourself. I did, and all i have to say is that you need to use the right tools. Me i only had available a straight pair of needle nose. It made stretching the springs alot harder. Using a pair of long 45 or even 90 degree plyers would have made it easier. Also you had better plan on getting a new seal for the front of the crankcase. I figured like all the other hondas i have owned int he past it would have been honda bond but was not. And don't try to reuse the seal you will probably have to take it apart and re do it causing you double the work.

And one other thing. Most will say to remove the clutch, however if done carefully you can stand the atv up on the back rack and remove the plastic as directed and you can easily change the springs that way. This is how I did it. If you want to see some pictures there is a post in the how to section. That is not my post but it will definitly get you headed in the right direction.

Hope i helped
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It helped me out alot, when i got my mudzillas anytime i was in the real thick stuff i would just bog down and not turn them after the kit man it turned them easy.. and its not overkill cause if you do decide to go bigger youll already be set up....
it also will help start out if you pull around heavy stuff like trailers or boats out of water
is there alot more turning power in 2nd cause i know i bog down in the thick stuff in second
Ok you can look at my mods that i have on my foreman and i only am currently running on 26in mudlites. I still bog in second in 4 wheel. I can spin them pretty good in two. However. The Foreman gearing is not that great for spinning large tires, anything past first gear anyway. However i have noticed with the clutch kit that when slow trail riding i can still do my hill climbes and most obsticles. But the mud is out of the question in second. Now the foreman 400 or the 450 would not have any problems with this on account that they have lower gearing. Especially the 400. Very Very low.

But i'd say with my mods i could probably turn just about any 28 in tire. with the exception of probably outlaws and vampires. And i'm referring to the thick nasty no water sticks like a fly on a horses arse mud.
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