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clutch kit

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how much more power would a clutch kit and a heavier clutch give the 450 foreman
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a clutch kit doesnt really give it more power it just delays the tires to spin until a higher rpm
it's just a stall of like 500 rpms. no hp increase of any kind. The stall just helps getting the tires turning in thicker muds.

i dont need that then it does that fine
You would be suprised with the difference the clutch kit makes. If your planning on going with bigger tires. You will need all the help you can get.
i have one for sale off my rubicon, im not sure if it would work or not but i thought i would tell you just incase you were lokking to buy one.
naw man that thing sounds like that would eat up some gears my third gear is already starting to grind i dont need something to make it worse
i jus bolted up 29 laws on mine 10s and 12s and it does pretty good i have not had the tires stop turnin yet and ive took it threw some pretty bad holes, u can tell they need a litlle bit more power to turn them but imo it does really good for a stock 450 with bad jetting
a actual heavier clutch would do some more power though where could i find one of those?
havent heard of anyone haveing one
i know they make them because my buddy got one for his kawasaki 300 bayou and i opened up alot of bottom end
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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