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clutch kit

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can anyone give me a link for a clutch kit? which ones are the best
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thanks to HighLifters fancy new site I can get you a direct link, but here is there part number HLCKH500FM
While getting dealer to install a clutch update, would it be worth me to get a clutch kit? I don't do heavy muddin, just trail riding and stock tires. If It would help me, now is the time to put one in but cannot find much info on how it would help without huge tires on. This is a hunting vehicle, work around house with it and just pleasure riding.
I just got mine done with the recall and I really like it. But if you dont plan on doing any mudding or putting on bigger tires than it really wont benefit you much. If you still do want to get it I would reccomend having it put on with the recall, they charged melike 10 bucks extra, definately worth it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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