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The clutch kit will help you get out of mud that stops your tires when stopping to back-up or go foward again.

The clutch kit consists of a set of springs with more tension than the stock springs on the centrifical clutch. What happens is the faster your clutch spins the more the the clutch starts to spread its wings and engage. By putting in the tighter springs it takes more RPM (more throttle) for the clutch to "spread its wings" therefore providing you with more power before engaging the clutch and more power to the wheels. It does not affect anything over 1-2 mph and is a great mod if you go into mud that suctions your tires and you have a hard time getting them going again after stopping.

For a first timer installing it with minimal skills it will probably take you 3-4 hrs start to finish. I would NOT recommend it if you think your going to be unstoppable in the mud with it because you will be dissapointed. The bigger/more aggressive tires you run the more you will feel it to your advantage. I personally would not get it with the tire setup you have now.

Hope this helped. Good luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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