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clutch kit?

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I see that some of you have cluch kit listed in your extras. What does it do and where can i get one. Also how much?
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its a new set of springs for the clutch, and it raises the RPMs by about 500 before the clutch is engaged. Highlifter sells them, i think its like 50bucks or something?
does it make the clutch pull better. I have a set of 27inch mud machine triclaw/bi-claws that make my cluth slip a little. would a clutch kit make it pull them better?
The clutch kit will only help to get the tire moving from a stop. The "slipping" you are refering to may just be the motor bogging, because it can' tturn the tires over in the thick stuff. Pipe, jet, and filter will give you more power to turn them. I know they are more $$, but I would go tthere 1st.
the clutch kit would help you out alot, but the power mods will give more as truegrit said. Just depends on how much u want to spend.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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