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Clutch Kit

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Or anyone else out there that has put a clutch kit on their 500, what do you think? Worth it? I've read a few reviews and it seems like it's an effective and inexpensive mod. Is there a particular brand that you would stick with? How about it your self? I apologize for so many questions, I just hate gettin' stuck! (Ha!)
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Is it worth it?? Well $50 (I guess you could include another $50 for the service manual) and free labor (ME) It was not a huge investment. But it is worth. I can turn the tires better then before, but on the other hand that means, I can go further and get stuck worse as well. THe ol' double edge sword. With Mud lights I would not spend the money to have it done, If you can do it yourself I would say go for it. I did not get estimates on having it done at a shop but I estimates 3hrs @ $60-80/hr. But you should be able to spin the Lights in most types of mud pretty good now. But I would bog out, a lot in the THICK stuff, with my Laws, I don't really have that problem any more.

Feel fre to ask anymore questions, I'll help you however I can. You can check out the write up I did on the clutch kit install in the "How To" section, so you have an idea of whats going on before you get started. I did not really have that luxury, when I did mine. There arn't many people who have put them in around here.
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I was just at the EPI site, had it in the cart, but I backed out at the last minute. Don't know what to get next. Jet kit or clutch kit? Don't really have any trouble turning the lites at all. Don't really need anything. What do you all think. most bang for the buck around $50 or $60.
Jet kit.

Better adjustability for future mods. If you have no problem turning the Lights now, don't bother w/ the clutch.
Gonna do laws next
I think I would have to go with truegrit on this one, get the jet kit first, then the clutch kit. I have 589's and turn them pretty well in the thick stuff, I have only had it bogg down once and it was thick mud. I am going to do the clutch kit and everything else but I think that the jet kit and the pipe and all will go on first.
Rav, I'll sell you my 2 Laws if you want 26s.
Where did you purchase your clutch kit from? Did you purchase all of your accessories from Highlifter? I'd like to get the Jet kit, HMF exhaust, and K&N Filter. Thanks!
You can get the HMF, Main Jets (not jet kit) and UNi from here for $219. If they have them in stock.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I eneded up getting the pipe itself from HL for $219, because they were the only ones w/ it in stock.

The Clutch Kit is from EPI (the only place I have seen one):

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Truegrit, PM sent
TrueGrit... Is there a special tool that comes with the kit?

Got another two weeks down time...making the best of it.

No special tools come w/ it. My kit was only 6 springs. You will need a wheel puller and impact gun though. I am not sure what all is invloved removing the front of the Rubicon though.
I hear the rubi is tough. Have to dissasemble half the tranny. This is hearsay, so don't quote me, but that is what I have heard.
naw thats what i haerd as well.
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