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clutch kit problem

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I have a honda foreman 500 s, and i ordered the highlifter clutch kit and recieved it today. the paper that come with it says its for a 500 es, i was wondering are they the same thing?? and i thought it was suppost to come with big springs and weights??all mine come with is little springs and a that right??i looked in the dennis kirk book and it showed big springs and said it hgave it up to 25% more power will those liitle springs do the same???thanks for the help!!!
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The kits are the same. Probaably just a generic pic.

I replied to your PM.
Yep should come with small springs.
yea them are the right ones, you proubly saw a picture of a clutch kit for a belt drive 4wheeler they have bigger springs and weights.
i was looking at the same clutch kit .is it a good idea too put it on if your clutch seems to slip if not is it still a good idea
With the clutch recall ... My Dealer said they would install the clutch kit at no extra cost If I bought it . I have a manual gear tranny.

I posted on this site about putting clutch kits on NON Beltdrive units. And no on was able to contribute any useful information.

Its obvious that you do not have an auto drive Foreman so can you or anyone else please enlighten us on what is gained by getting a clutch kit for a 500 manual shifting unit?

I am holding off the recall work until I can find out what is gained and whether to seek out and order a kit.

it basically engages the motor at a little higher rpm. Kinda like rasing the stall on a drag car. Lets you leave higher in the rpms where there is more power to be found.
So it will appear to have less "snap" when I hit the gas right? Sure it will engage higher thus giving me time to build RPMs and get torque.



will it actuall make the bike feel like it has more bottom end because it will allow the engine to rev faster off the bottom before engageing?

If so maybe I do want it!

anyone here know from personal experience with a manual tranny?

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The clutches engagement is delay so you will have to apply a bit more throttle to get it moving, raising the RPMs. After that there is no difference in the way the clutch acts. Once you get used to the extra distance your thumb has to travel, it is hardly noticable. I am not saying its not worthwile investment, but after a couple rides, you will not notice its in there, but you will see the tires pulling better from a stop.
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