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clutch kit? jet kit?

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this is prob a dumb question but i've noticed alot of ppl adding a "clutch kit" .... what exactly does this do, and can a do-it-yourselfer do the install? also, i've been thinking of doing the jet kit but wondering how hard it really is, and is it really worth doing? my main thing i'm looking at doing right now is a lift and hopefully sell my 26's and get 27's or 28's
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As far as installation of the jet kit, it is a breeze. Now the clutch kit, well,...
i really don't know, but i would think you would have to have some pretty
good knowledge of how to do some mechanic work. I know i could not do
The clutch kit alows your enginge to go up to a little higher rpm before engaging the clutch. It helps out with getting your tires turning in mud form a dead stop. It is a must have with aggresive mud tires.
like RR said a jet kit is a peace or cake. now for the clutch kit, its a little harder to install but can be done by your self. i did mine and it was farley easy but im a mechanic type person. the clutch kit delays by 500 rpm's. this alows whe 4wheeler to have a "harder punch" when you give it the throtle. now dont get confused the clutch kit does not give you more power it just delays 500 rpm's. if you would ever want to do this by your self i can PM you how i did it and try to explain how to do it.
thanks for the info guys and quick replies ......... i don't think i will really need the clutch kit at this time, but what's going to give me a little more HP? i think if i change out the stock air filter should help some, but what else could i do? i also believe if i get the WARN 424 might help somewhat, well in just 2wd. i don't want to do the HMF just because i don't want my Rubi sounding like a truck running straight pipes, not a good sound going through the woods when im hunting, lol.
also ...... yeah im filled with lots of questions today ........

i've read different things about the Perfex lift, and was just wondering, does it really give a "softer" ride, kind of like the Polaris rides. my best friend has a Sportsman 800 with 29.5 Outlaws on it and that thing rides better than my F150 at whatever speed over whatever in it's way!

or should i just go with something like the Moose or HL kits?
Perfex does help a lot, I took the rear long travel out because it felt like rear end was up too high-wasn't comfortable for me but did provide a lot smoother ride. I left the front long travel in, I love it. I always start out with a power kit: K&N Filter/Outerwears pre-filter, and DynoJet Kit. Real easy to do and improves performance. I need the clutch kit as well but am worried about doing myself too!!
If you install a spring kit (for the centrifugal clutch) I recommend you pull the clutch and disassemble to install the springs .. When you install the springs with the clutch still on the bike they must be over-stretched to install .. Once a spring is over-stretched it isn't going to have the same tension as a spring not stretched ..
thanks honda mech. that's a nice piece of advise little late for me but i will remember that
nice piece of advise little late for me but a will remember that
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