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clutch kit install, need new locknut?

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it says in the write up that you need a new locknut but varies per machine, anyone know which ones you need a new one and which ones can be used using an old one???
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Not on mine... same bike as you. I don't remember taking off a lock nut. I might be crazy though. I did the work with the clutch on the bike. Hope this helps.
well first off i have an exhaust snorkel on my bike so i am just going to end up putting the entire bike sitting on some jackstands to get it off the ground some more, then i am gonna do it where you dont have to take the clutch off...but yea thanks for the info
Yeah, I suppose the snorkle wouldmake it a little difficult to flip it on its butt. LOL
hey homie189, did you use a spring puller or just some needle nose pliers to get the springs on and off? i am a bit scared to do it with needle nose incase i happen to slip and launch a spring across the carport or shop...and if you did use a spring puller where did you get it from?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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