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clutch kit install leak

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installed the clutch kit about two months ago and went to change the oil in my bike and lone behold there was a leak!
The lower bolt on the clutch cover was dripping oil (slowly) over time it built up in the skid plate. It seems to be coming from the gasket not making a good seal. Has anyone else had this problem , is it pretty common??? Also, My buddy that helped with the install torqued all of the bolts to spec. Tried to lightly tighten the bolts but it did not work!
Already have a new gasket on order, shold be here within a few days. Is there any tips to get this right this time around ??? My buddy suggested some kind of high dollar gasket jelly to help with the seal , is this a good idea??? THANKS FOR ALL OF YA'LLS HELP IN THIS MATTER
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it happens from time to time. just replace it and if it makes u feel safe. Apply a thin film of RTV on the gks to help seal it up.
For a few years Honda stopped using the gasket kit B ,and used machined cases with Honda Bond or 3Bond (do not use silicone) .. Now with the 500 they just use the machined cases on the center crankcase.. Are you sure you cleaned all the gasket off the clutch cover ,sometimes the gasket sticks pretty good and has to be scraped off with a knife ...
My gasket was stubborn to come off. I think they use contact cement to hold them in place in the factory. A razor works well to get all of it off too. Mine leaked for a while but I beleive, I found the cause (I was wondering why I had an extra O-ring), and haven't seen it leak since.
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