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clutch kit help on 2000 Rancher 350

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I searched but did not find the answer. I installed an EPI clutch kit on a 2000 rancher 350 and everything appears to be fine but in between shifts it jerks hard. I am letting off on the gas in between shifts, is this normal? I also tried adjusting it and it seemed to help a bit. Also sometimes it makes a "spinning" or "winding down" noise once you shut it off..

Does anyone else have their bike shift "hard" after the clutch kit install?

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i have a foreman 500 and i just installed a clutch kit in my bike last weekend, mine does jump when u put it into first gear or anything when i had it on the jacks but when u shift it into gear when on the ground sometimes it will want to hop...also sometimes (usually only when in 1st gear) it sounds like a squeeking kinda noise from the front of the motor, did i not push something far enough in when reinstalling my stuff...and when i shut down my bike it sounds like the piston is dropping out of the engine, i dont know if the cam or something is still spinning or if it is suppose to do that or whatnot

might ride it a little bit more and make sure its not just stretching the springs out or whatnot...try shifting a few different ways, shift when ur still on the gas a good bit and then like maybe just lift the rear axle up and shift through the gears with ur hand and see if it jumps or anything, i did that with mine when testing it out before i put it back together...

my guess would be on a smaller bike like a rancher if you dont have massively huge tires to get turning it is probably easier to move the bike along thus making it want to jump
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I adjusted the clutch and it seems to be doing better. It has 26" vamps on it and the funny thing is if you give it about half throttle from a stop, that nose comes right off the ground! I think its doing better, I actually rebuild the top end at the same time so I just wanted to make sure it was all good.
i have 27" vamps on my foreman and i just had the engine totally rebuilt and the cylinder is bored as big as it can go, and then i put the clutch kit in it, when i hammer the throttle down in 1st gear the front hops up but goes rite back down from the weight and from running out of gear
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