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clutch kit does it hurt transmission?

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Hello just wondering if a clutch kit hurts the transmission or any part of the quad since it is hydrostatic transmission??
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no because a centrifugal clutch is the primary clutch that will drive the hydrostatic transmission.this is how you can stop and start without the motor are only changing the centrifugal clutch springs and nothing else so no it will not affect the hydraulic part of it.
ok thanks wasn't quite sure how exactly the transmission worked.
You should initialize the ECM after you install the springs ..

It will affect the hydroststic transmission because the engine RPM is 1 of the input sensors the ECM uses to adjust the transmission swash plate ..
How do I do that???
Ok thank you. Should I do this allready because I installed DYNOJET kit.
Hello what does that mean when it says test control motor? What am I supposed to do I could not figure it out. Thanks
Just to let you all know that with a clutch kit it raises the enagaement by 500rpms, and that means low fuel mileage and less speed in revrse.
Good product for ppl with 27" tires or bigger. I know EPI guy and going to ask him to get me a spring kit that is around 250rpms.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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