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Clutch kit and engine breaking

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How much engine breaking will I lose with the clutch kit? Have any of you noticed a change in it?
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I didn't notice a difference when i put mine in.
QUOTE ("boss500":g79r4zv1)
I didn't notice a difference when i put mine in.
Do you think you didn't notice because you have an S as opposed to a ES??? Or did you not really add anything???
Never driven an ES but they have engine braking too, don't they? My bike rolls ahead faster in neutral and when i go to stop but thats because of the outlaws. They are such a hard tire, I can push the bike around with two fingers.
I didn't notice a difference either.
the clutch kit will not afect the engine braking at all. the oneway bearing in the centrif clutch is what slows the bike down.
Sweet!!! This site is soooo much better than the highlifters fourm. They told me it will change it, but I trust you guys!
I didn't notice any difference in breaking. But I did notice that my clutch enguages later and it puts the more power to the ground just like it is suppose too. I like the EPI kit.
boss 500, the s and es are the same trans just the es has a silinoid in it to shift, so the eng braking would be the same.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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