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Clutch adjustment...

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When adjusting the clutch, do you turn the adjustment screw counter clockwise until it stops moving completely or just until some resistance is felt. Cause mine almost stops completely when turning it in counter clockwise. But when I tightened it back down, it seems to shift fine....Not hard to shift or anything.

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Loosen the clutch adjusting screw lock nut. Slowly turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise until resistance is felt. Then turn the adjusting screw clockwise 1/4 turn, and tighten the lock nut to the
specified torque.
TORQUE: 22 N-m (2.2 kgf-m, 16 lb.ft)
After adjustment, start the engine and check for proper clutch operation.
Thanks for the info. That is what I did. I must have done it right, cause it shifts fine when I was riding it afterwards. I just don't remember feeling just wouldn't turn any further. Maybe I just didn't loosen the lock nut enough, and it was tightening back up when I turned it. Who knows....but it seems to work fine now.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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