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Clutch adjustment

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Tried to adjust the clutch but was unable to turn the adjuster at all. Bike seems to shift ok but I'm pretty sure the clutch has never been adjusted. Is it worth the trouble to free up the adjuster or should I just leave well enough alone?
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If it's shifting fine then that's up to you .. If it's siezed bad the clutch cover will have to come off to free it up .. That isn't a big job if you have a heated garage , if not then then it wouldn't hurt to wait until warmer weather ...
Thanks for the info. I guess I'll end up freeing up the adjuster. If not I'll be wondering if it could shift even better with the proper adjustment. Good to hear that it's easy to do and no problem to wait to get at it.
I see you dont have a clutch kit in, this would be a good time to install one if your planning on freeing up the adjuster.
I know the clutch kit would help in getting the tires to turn in the bog but we don't get to spend as much time as we would like playing in it. Usually we encounter bog holes along trails and even then your technically not allowed to operate an atv in any soft ground.
Would the kit be of any benefit on the trails or hills?
Would it hurt trail performance?
Would I need any special tools or pullers to install one on my bike?
What brands are available and which would be the best choice?
Sorry for so many questions but that's what you get for putting ideas in my head when all I looking for was a little advice on routine maintenance!
I guess I shouldn't mention that the baffles in my stock exhaust are starting to rattle.......
EPI is the only kit available, it will only benifit you in the mud. No where else. A clutch puller is needed per instructions, but the kit can be installed with the clutch inplace.
Thanks again for the reply. I'll wait till some of the snow disappears to see how well I can turn the tires in the bog. Then fix the adjuster and decide on the clutch kit at that time.
What comes with the clutch kit? Just plates, and springs? It is a hard job to change while in the bike?
look in the how-to section it explains what is required. not to bad of a job, just alittle time consumming.
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