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Clutch adjustment screwed up?

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I was trying to adjust the clutch on my 450ES. I would try to loosen the jam nut and the adjuster would spin with it. So I tried spinning the jam nut out far enough hoping the adjusting bolt would bottom out and the jam nut would spin off the adjusting bolt, but that didn’t happen. I finally got the Jam nut off the adjusting bolt and cleaned it up and rethread it back on. I then when through the adjusting procedure of spinning the adjusting bolt out till I felt resistance and came back ¼ turn and tightened the jam nut. Now I have no transmission at all. It engages but when I rev the engine up there is nothing there. What did I do?
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Found my problem

Found my problem. Instead of just scewing just a little ways in I screwed all the way in untill it bottomed out and then back out till I felt resistance and back in 1/4 turn. Sure beats taking the cover off to find nothing wrong. :roll:
well thats good you found that out before the whole thing was apart.
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