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Clucht kit installed

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got it on yesterday, took longer to get the gasket off than any thing else, no leaks. Starting on my DGL today, any tips and tricks any body
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Got mine apart tonight ready for machining, fairly simple actually, only thing I ran into is not noticing there is two bolts holding the front motor mount to the frame that have to be removed before you remove the diff. Wrestled with it for about two minutes before I saw the bolts then it cam out very easily. After the case is machined the rest should be basic reassembly. Going to put red loctite on the carrier bolts and a small dab of blue on the case bolts. Can't wait to try it out!!
Man putting the locker wasnt hard at all it just all the crap u got to take off and put back on is what sucks. seems to be working fine cant hardly notice it in two wheel drive, ready to try it out in mud.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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