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Clip/Cut Carb spring

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Can you clip the carb spring on a foreman 450S/ES like they are talking about on the 500/600 honda forum???? They say it give more/better throttle response
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i also have wondered if it works on the 450 foremans....will i need to rejet?
I think it just allows the needle to move quicker therefore improving response but this subject has so many opinions between so many, you will never get a right answer because no 2 atvs are alike all take performance upgrades differently. Im gonna order a spring and try it, if it dont work ill just put the old one back in
I did it to ours & it worked. Don't expect neck poppin' power, but you will
notice a slight differance. You shouldn't have to rejet. many coils you cut off? i cut 7 should i go a few more??
I believe I cut 13 coils off of mine.
I just measured with a tape measure & cut a inch and a half off. Some do
2 inches.
Clip/cut spring on 450 foreman

Thanks; I'm going to clip mine before I ride this weekend.
i had cut 7 coils off before and today i cut 6 more off..seems better...i cut a total of 2 inches off..thanks
hey wvforeman can you come out and do mine???
yeah...i have to work tomorrow night the other got put in the hospital for his sugar...holler at me and we wil get together sometime this week and get it done...
my spring was 4 & 1half inchs long and I cut 2 inches off and I can tell a difference.
I cut mine and my quad doesn't work any more. I took 13 coils off, now when i hit the trottle it bogs and dies. Are there any adjustments i should do or do i just have to get a new spring.
Dang! That stinks. I did ours & they ran better. That's a noodle scratcher there.
mine did that too so i just put the orginal spring back in it. But we also did it to rowdyforeman's bike and it worked until we got in the mud and then it started dying so i so don't know maybe we did something wrong
Yeah, something aint right there. That was one of the easiest mods yet.
I cut mine a week ago but just had a chance to try it out today. Noticably better throttle response- really seemed to make it wake up and act like a 450. However, when i was going throught some deep mud/water (over the tail pipe) it wanted to die. I turned up the idle a little bit and that seemed to help.
thanks il will try that tommy
I tried clipping the carb spring in my 99 450s and even though I only clipped off 1" it did seem to help. Not neck breakin' difference but noticeable, maybe I'll try one more inch
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