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Cleaning air filters

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What do you guys use to clean your air filters? I don't have any kerosene like the book says to use.
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I bought the AMSOIL cleaner and foam filter oil.The oil for the filter is great but the cleaner has to be used a couple times to get the filter clean.I've used dish soap and water before,that works good to get the foam clean too.
So I can just clean them with soap and water and not worry about the oil?
The oil is very important,if you don't have foam air filter oil then you can use 90 weight gear oil.
Thanks I will just wait and get some on the trip!
On all my motocross bikes I used TwinAir filters and No-toil oil and cleaner. I like it because its a biodegradable oil when using their cleaner so you can do it in the kitchen sink and nothing bad will happen!!! They sell it at alot of bike dealers that sell good accessories. BelRay makes a good oil, PJ1, amsoil, Maxima, Honda does too.
Dish washing detergent and 80 or 90w gear oil will work fine. If you ride in extreme dusty conditions then I would suggest a name brand foam filter oil.
i have a uni air filter and i clean mine with gas
Can you put 10W 40 motor oil on the filter?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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