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Cleaned carb now its not starting??????

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I cleaned the carb today because after pressure washing it it started to sputter. I took the carb completely out and cleaned out the was filled with mud. When I put the carb back on and try to start it all it will do is turn over and not start. I noticed when I was taking the carb out the carb heater wire was severed. Could that keep the foreman from starting? I called the Honda shop and they said the only purpose is to warm the bike up faster. They said it would just cause the bike to take longer to warm up. Im starting to wonder if thats true. It ran before I severed the wire removing the carb and now its not. Can anyone shed some light on what I might had done wrong or if the carb heater will keep the foreman from starting.
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Well as I fell asleep in my recliner watching tv I had a nightmare that I put the float in bacwards. When I woke I ran outside and sure enough after closely inspecting the carb again I put it in wrong. Solved my own problem but thanks anyway.....
carb cleaning

So did you get it running ? Ill bet there was alot of build up inside the carb huh?
runs like new.....there was a ton of mud in the bowl. Maybe next time I will remember to put the thing back together like it was suppose to be. I feel better now that I got my dummy moment for the year out the way things would be a whole lot easier if parts would only go back together one way
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