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choke will not open fully ?

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My choke was frozen this winter as I was thawing it out I forced it down a little .
I took it all apart everything looks good ,water all drained .
But now when I start it up I can tell the chock is still on a little .
I have the manual but there isn't much help there.
Thanks for your help in advance. Islandbound
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oh.. chokes... i hate them. i just use the primer on the carb whenever i have to start my atv.
The o'ring on the plunger will swell (grow) as soon as you take it out of the carb. then it won't slide easilly in the hole when you re-assemble it ... I have about 5 choke plungers for each model , when I have a carb apart I swap the plunger with 1 of mine .. Spray the old plunger with contact cleaner and put it in my tool box to use on another bike...

You may have to remove the plunger again spray it with contact cleaner and let it sit maybe a day ..

Thank you so much for the info !! Next warm day it'll be done .

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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