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choke rusted up

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I was doing some cleaning on the wifes bike this morning and found the choke was froze up..
I remember the wife complainaing about her bike not staying at the same idle, or shutting off sometimes..
I disconnected the cable from the carb where the little plastic cable connector screws on, and nothing but rust.. I cleaned it out with some wd40 and was able to pull out the choke cartridge with the little needle on the bottom of it. the little cir clip that holds the cable on was rusted away.
The cable it self was fine. I lubed the cable anyway..
well i guess it is off to the suck honda store in st augustine for warranty work, that should take about 4 weeks . or order the parts myself..
You might better check ur bikes for the same problem..
her bike has never been near that deep in water, barely over the pegs
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I'll bet this is the site you don't like pictures..?. oh well...someone will close this if it is..

Don't they stock choke cable kits..?.. our shop keeps about 8-10 kits for each model in stock at all times.. there are actually only 4 different types for all Honda TRX's

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QUOTE ("Honda Mechanic":3k2lm4ij)
I'll bet this is the site you don't like pictures..?. oh well...someone will close this if it is..
this is a picture posting friendly what you got!!!

apparently they have problems with these already,, my bikes are 5 months old,, honda should change the design... the shop would probly have them in stock but to get it installed they had my neighbors rancher for 3 weeks to do a tune up///
The problem is that part of the cable is under the tank close to the engine and it gets hot..the rest of the cable is out in the air ..the different temperatures causes condensation ..which runs down the inside of the cable until it reaches the plunger where it rusts ..
Okay this may seem simple but how do you lube the cable....Do they make something in a can to just spray in it????
your right
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