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cheddar heads

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anyone from wisconsin????
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Yep, I'm from South Range,WI. So did you get slammed by the storm that just went though?

I'm no cheddar head
ya ,we caught a few inches here and there.enough to screw up the roads.where is south range wisconsin???by the way.i dont consider myself a cheddar head niether.i may be a packer fan,but id like to slap that cheese wedge right off peoples heads.... p.s. you wouldnt happen to know of anyone that wants to get rid of there atv plow???
ill repost this one seein if anyone is in the southern wisconsin area that knows a good place to ride. new to the 4 wheeler world so and input would help thanks!
hey,whats up?im kinda in the same boat as you.there is'nt to many places to ride around here.there is a park out by rockford illinois called the cliffs and another one in nothern indiana.depends on how far you want to drive.where do you usually ride?QUOTE ("hitter_013":1e38i5mz)
ill repost this one seein if anyone is in the southern wisconsin area that knows a good place to ride. new to the 4 wheeler world so and input would help thanks!
i live outside fort atkinson on a farm so pretty much around there. but id love to get up to our cabin in door county or head up north somewhere else to ride but havent gotten the chance...
hey guys you need to go up to Goodman area and ride
Where is goodman?QUOTE ("mudbuddy":1foqkqoc)
hey guys you need to go up to Goodman area and ride
You can ride in Taylor County, in the middle of the state, for 1 day. There is only about 40 miles of trails there. Or you can go up to the Hurley/Mercer area. There are so many miles of trails, you won't cross your tracks all weekend. Went twice last summer and put well over a hundred miles on every day I rode. Lots of places to stop and all kinds of trail variation. Don't let the hazardous marked trails intimidate ya. You can also ride in the Neillsville/Black River Falls area. There are lotsa miles of trails there too. You can ride into towns and stop at restaurants and motels. The only thing that sucks about there is the DNR gated off all the mud holes, so it is trails only now. No off roading. There is a trail system in the Iron River area too, but it is mostly rail grade. I haven't been there, but I know some guys who were. They said it was so-so. Hope that helps anyone who wants to ride in the state of WI.
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No such thing as good riding spots in southern WI. Well SE WI anyways. The Monroe trail in SW WI is okay for an easy ride. Actually it's pretty nice for easy riding.

The Rockford park is actually Rocky Glen. It's small but has an interesting obstacle course, kiddy track and a decent moto track. There are a hand full of trails to ride too.

The next park south of there is Fox Valley. This park is about 70 miles south of Rockford in Ottawa. A fun park, larger then Rocky Glen and far more to offer. Again there is a kiddy area and an nice moto track but the woods are nice enough to host AMA Hare Scrambles.

90 miles south of Rockford is Cliffs Insane Terrain. This park is a mudder's dream in the spring or even after a good rain fall. They too have a kiddy area but not much for moto. This place was built for the woods rider in mind with plenty of hills, valleys and terrain ranging from clay and dirt to rocky. The park also has a creek that runs through it. Not a park in my all time top 3 but easily my favorite for close day trip parks. Plenty of video on youtube.

I'm not sure of any norther IN parks but the Badlands is about mid state and well worth the drive. The park has a nice camping area right outside the gates with a clean shower house and restrooms as well as a small convenience store. This park was designed around an old gravel strip mine and offers everything from lots of sand/pea gravel, clay, and dirt. If you like any of the 3 you should like this park and there is plenty of mud too. It's not so much a blend of these items as it is sections of each. You will find plenty of vids on youtube of this place too.

To answer the thread.......... I live in Racine county in SE WI.
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Is anyone else going up to the rally in hurley over memorial day weekend? Finally dumped my polarass and picked up a couple foremans. We are going up for a week. Just made the reservations. Should be fun, just like always up there.
Myself and a group of about 20 other will be going up from Tuesday to Tuesday over the Mem. day weekend. We are staying at the Haven North condos in Hurley.....cheapest place to stay with a group. We have three seperate condos and it comes to $100.00 per person for the whole week. Been going up for the last 6 years now.
That sounds like a good sized group. We also got a condo at the Haven north. Last time I went we had 5 bikes...and all crammed into a hotel room at the hurley inn. Sucked and costs just as much as a condo. We are going up Wed to Wed for the same weekend. Will probably see you up there. We will have a red foreman, and yellow foreman, and probably gonna pick up another one, but not sure which one yet.
I have a red foreman and a red rancher, theres like 5 other hondas, 6 or 7 grizzlys, a brute force, a couple sport quads, and maybe a few other toys that come up with us. We will be staying in F3 and F4 and I think F6.
Kenosha County here and as stated before there is not much in Southeast Wis
from central wisconsin...stevens point to be exact. looking to buy a house and 10 acres in rapids. will be coming home from deployment in early 2010 and will "need" to break in my new rubicon on some of the trails. prolly see yall out there!
Anyone from the eauclaire area?
SORRY....:lol: How did U of M and MSU work out?:lol:

ps. The Michigan teams got their azz's handed to them.
I was pulling for the cheese heads...
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