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checking my water problem

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Tried everything to see whats causing my bike to cut out in 2' water but nothing it working. What method could i use to see where it is coming from? I thought about getting a spray bottle of water and squirting everything and seeing what causes the bike to act up. Any tips?
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well first off do you have the electrical connections and spark plug dielectric greased also do you have your drain tube on the bottom of the carb plugged up?
Do you notice steam when you hit the water, mine did that snorked it out and now I go handle bar deep and she still runs.
Mine did the same thing. I put a snorkel on it and it took care of the problem. Also had several friends hav the same problem and when they snorkeled, it solved the problem.
It is your bottom carb vent line 100%. Pull the check valve of the end, and run it into your airbox. Drill a lil hole, and silicone it. Trust me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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